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The Trustees of the HSNSG group would like to express their gratitude and appreciation to the following volunteers and staff for their input into producing this wonderful Web site.

First of all many thanks go to volunteer Jamie Allison for his technical expertise and for the huge amount of time and effort he kindly donated to the design and production of the Web site. Also his continual update and monitoring of all sections of the site including the volunteers message board and activities. You can contact Jamie via his own professional Website, Jamie Allison Computer Services - www.jamieallison.co.uk

Many thanks also go to Bobbie Allison (LMPA) who took all the photographs of our members enjoying the many activities provided, the staff shots and the photo of the outside of our centre, which are displayed throughout the site. Bobbie can be contacted via his professional Website - www.thepicturegallery.co.uk

The trustees are also grateful to Margaret Monk for her assistance with the Website i.e. writing/compiling/typing the text displayed on the majority of the pages.

We appreciate the co-operation of the Manager/Co-ordinator and office staff for the provision of information, including the Annual Report and for keeping the volunteers´ hours page up to date and for the continual update of the future activities and news pages..

And last but not least we wish to thank all those who contributed by giving suggestions and ideas for developing the Web site. Any further suggestions please feel free to e-mail webmaster@hsnsg.org.uk