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Meet The Staff

A short introduction to our Office Staff and Trustees who help make the group the success that it is.

Patricia Allison (Manager)

Patricia Allison Pic Pat is the Manager/Coordinator of the group. She is married to Bobbie and has two sons - Andrew who has Cerebral Palsy and Jamie who is a whiz with anything technical. Pat, who was a committee member for Friends of Thornhill School and then a Governor for Catcote School, Pat is a founder member of the group since 1989, making it 25 years in 2015, working for many years in a voluntary capacity before being employed in her present role. Her experience, specialist knowledge, organisation skills and dedication are an enormous asset to the group. In addition to her full-time paid employment, Pat continues to volunteer much of her own time and that of her family and friends, to ensure the group strives to be successful.

Julie Parker (Admin Assistant)

Julie Parker Pic Julie is our administration assistant. She is married to Geoff and has two daughters, Jessica and her younger sister Katie. Julie´s involvement in all aspects of the group has given her much experience in working with our members. Her experience and knowledge gained since 1999, together with Julie´s essential office and personnel skills make her an invaluable member of staff.

Meet The Trustees

Jayne Shepherd (Chair)

Jayne Robinson Pic Jayne has the position of Chair and is married to Andrew and has two children. Josh is the eldest and has a family of his own. Abigail who is the youngest child has a rare genetic disorder and attends Drama weekly, she certainly is a character you will never forget, she also enjoys participating in lots of other activities. Jayne is in full time employment as a teacher and runs an after school drama group for them.

Julie Carter (Secretary)

Julie Carter Pic Julie has the position of Secretary and lives with her three children. Sam, who is the middle child, has Down's syndrome and attends the children's fun club weekly with Amy his younger sister. Thomas, the eldest, also enjoys many of the group's activities. In her spare time Julie attends training sessions relevant to disability and services to help benefit herself and other parents; she often gives many voluntary hours from her busy schedule to help Hartlepool Special Needs Support Group.

Kevin Steven Brookes (Treasurer)

Kevin Brookes Pic Kevin has the position of Treasurer and is married to Rebecca he was born in Stockport and moved to Hartlepool in 2009. They have a son Thomas who has Down Syndrome and attends Childrens Fun Club and Friends weekly. They also have a daughter Elizabeth who comes to the parent toddler group and as a family enjoys many of the groups other activities. After finishing full time work to become my sons carer I have become more involved and look forward to giving something back to Hartlepool Special Needs Support Group.

Ewelina Bartram

Ewelina Bartram Pic Ewelina is married to Guy and they have three children. Kai who is the youngest has Autism he attends the Children's Fun Club weekly. Brother Jacob is the eldest, then Ryan who enjoys many of the groups activities. In her spare time she attends social opportunities, training sessions relevant to disability and is also a member of a parent forum group. They have benefited as a family since accessing our services and are looking forward to learning more and giving something back.