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The success of the group largely depends on the contribution made by volunteers.

We greatly appreciate our volunteers who are a great asset to the group by helping us simply because they want to. They are dedicated, caring people who willingly give some of their free time to help support our children/young people, including siblings and thier parents/carers in many ways.

We always need new volunteers to help with our extensive Summer Programme, weekly activities and the varied programme of other activities which take place throughout the year.

Approximately 650 hours of voluntary work, per month, are needed to ensure the successful running of the group´s services.

"Thank you very much" volunteers.

Could you be a volunteer?

The volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and age ranges and are selected more for their attitude than for particular qualifications. If you would like to volunteer some of your spare time to help with our activities please contact our Manager who will be happy to discuss this with you. You will find details on where she can be contacted by clicking on "Contact Us".